The Home Nobody Wanted

In the city of San Francisco sat a home that nobody wanted.  During some point in the history of this home the owners moved out and stopped caring for the place so that this home soon became wretched and unlivable.    Looking at the home itself it would be safe to say that it was not being cared for.  The roof needed repair, the siding looked decrepit, and it was pretty much an eye-sore to the whole neighborhood. 

However, because it was in San Francisco it ended up selling for over $400,000!  So, somebody bought it.  Somebody was able , even as rundown as this home was, to see past its pitfalls and see its potential.  They saw how this land could be used to build a brand new home on.  They saw how this new home would be able to shine bright in this neighborhood.  They saw possibilities when many people just saw destruction.

Kind of like how Jesus saw potential in us, even when we were condemned in sin.

Our sin had made us into nothing but disgusting, puss-filled flesh-bags (I know that’s gross…but sin is gross).  Most others would have looked into the wicked thoughts of our hearts and said, “Uh…I’ll pass.” 

But not Jesus.   He looked at us and said, “Whatever it costs…I want them.”

This is phenomenal!  It is shocking to think that someone would pay nearly half-a-million bucks to buy a run down shack.  However, it is unfathomable that someone would willingly die to make us and all our baggage part of their family.      

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  Romans 5:8

 So, right now, up to this point in your life what have you thought of yourself?  Maybe you have been thinking that your life is like that house, a total wreck.  Maybe your life is in so much disrepair that you cannot even imagine a brighter future.

Or maybe you think you can see a bright future ahead but no one else seems to share in your thoughts.  Everyone else is tearing you down or pointing out flaw after flaw and they can’t seem to see beyond those mortal pitfalls.   All of their weighty discouragements have started to wear on your hopes.

To both of these situations I say, SO WHAT!  So what you think you are trash, so what other people put you down, because to Jesus you are worth dying for.  Jesus doesn’t just see you where you are at, he also sees what you can become through Him!  Jesus knows the reforming power of His great grace.  Jesus knows that He is the ultimate death to life, lost to found, sin cleansing Savior!

 If Jesus has saved you…just know He can repair you, he can renovate your life, He can make you brand new and give you potential for the future you never knew you had.  HE wants your home, He wants you!  Jesus can take your broken down life, and build the ultimate masterpiece.

Because, after all, Jesus is a carpenter. 

Later Days,