Why San Francisco?

Ok...so many People ask..."WHY SAN FRANCISCO?"

I think the real question should be "Why Not?" 

Hali and I have known God wanted us in church planting since college.  We moved from Hawaii to Ohio (yeah...big change) to help start a church.  However, we knew that was not our forever place, we knew that God wanted us to go somewhere where there were few churches and a place where darkness reigned without the light of the gospel.  

After being in Ohio several years we began praying about SO MANY different areas around the globe and in our own nation.  All areas that desperately needed more churches to spread the gospel.   One day Hali brought home information on San Francisco being the least churched area in our nation.    

I almost immediately wrote it off,  however, God didn't.   

God kept putting it on my mind and my heart and though I tried to distract myself with other places...It was clear San Francisco is where God wanted us.

And Why Not?  The San Francisco Bay Area is the least churched area in our nation.  According to some statistics only around 3-5% of people would identify as "Evangelical".  If we are talking about places in the United States that desperately need the light of Christ...San Francisco would be at the top of the list.  

We have an opportunity as disciples of Christ to make more disciples in the Bay Area.  We have the opportunity to shine the light of the gospel in a dark city.  We have the opportunity to see lives changed, people saved, and generations of families eternally altered for Jesus Christ. 

So, Why San Francisco....I think the real question is....Why Not?